Changing the way you think will truly change your life, and is the key to unlocking the future you want. All you need to do is take the first step on the journey and buy this book, it will be your guide for the rest of the trip... Are you up for it?




Your 'attitude' pretty much determines how you experience every day of your life, so you need to start the day with the right one! 'Pick Me Up' is your personal support to do just that, with a page for each day of the year, your attitude tuner is here...




Your emotions lay at the very heart of how you experience every facet of life, and yet we often  'spend' them unwisely, when we should be investing them with more care... Understand the value of how you invest your emotions and learn to spend them more effectively from today forward.


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The 'Reason & Rhyme' of life set out in a selection of poems that address the parts of life we all experience. Love, Laughter, Hardship, and Concern are all connected on this journey we call living...


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